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Chloe Nelson-Arzuaga

U - Year 4+

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Full-time positions



Junior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology double majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in robotics and Art and Design with a 4.6 GPA. I am also part of the NEET Autonomous Machine Thread where we focus on an interdisciplinary approach to applying autonomy algorithms to real-world robots. The link to the program's page as well as my personal portfolio while at MIT are linked bellow.

Planning to use these two majors to approach product design from both the functional and structural side of MechE and the artistic and more aesthetic side of Architectural Design.

Long-time interest in design and making including using SolidWorks since my Junior year of High School (4 years ago). I was CAD lead of my First Robotics team where we manufactured everything in house so I also learned how to use the mill, lathe, Shopbot, 3D printer and laser cutter. In addition to Robotics, I did many fun projects through my last two years of high school including making a quadcopter with custom 3D printed propellers and laser cut base.

At MIT I have learned to use AutoCAD and Python. I have enjoyed the flexibility in making and learning to use different processes such as casting and enameling. I have learned how to work on research teams in the Media Lab's Tangible Media and Center for Bits and Atoms groups and am a co-author on a paper to be published February of 2020.


Designer, Engineer

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