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Morteza Sarmadi

G - PhD

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I'm a PhD candidate at department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, working as a research assistant in Langer Lab. Along with my PhD program, I'm also pursuing three graduate level certificate programs in 1-Business Analytics, 2-Healthcare (both offered by MIT Sloan), and 3-Medical Sciences (offered by Harvard-MIT HST). My expertise covers a library of interdisciplinary skills. My Top five areas of expertise include:
1-Bioengineering, 2-Data Science, 3- Engineering Design, 4-Simulation, and 5- Optimization. I'm passionate about integrating business and engineering skills, team formation, and technology development toward tackling the most challenging engineering problems.


Bioengineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, Micro and Nanotechnology, Product design and development, Transport phenomena, Mechanics

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